100 Ideas

I have been looking at Keri Smith's 100 Ideas off and on for a couple of years now.

Here are the first 10:

1. Go for a walk. Draw or list things you find on the the sidewalk. 2. Write a letter to yourself in the future. 3. Buy something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create, (new pen, a tea cup, journal). Use it everyday. 4. Draw your dinner. 5. Find a piece of poetry you respond to. Rewrite it and glue it into your journal. 6. Glue an envelope into your journal. For one week collect items you find on the street. 7. Expose yourself to a new artist, (go to a gallery, or in a book.) Write about what moves you about it. 8. Find a photo of a person you do not know. Write a brief bio about them. 9. Spend a day drawing only red things. 10. Draw your bike.

I have sent it to others but so far, I have not done a single one of these ideas myself.

Well that's not entirely true.

I have gone for a walk here or there but I didn't draw what I saw on the sidewalk.

Recently, I have had this urge to follow a list. I have an unused Moleskin journal that I have been carrying around in my purse for weeks. I think I have a mission. Keri even makes it easy for people like me by providing a pdf that is formatted for easy accomplishment.

I'm going to randomly select #5 as my first idea. I'll post it tomorrow for Friday Poems!