Friday Poems

To prepare for #5 on the list, I went to the bookstore and spent some time in the poetry aisle. I was really enjoying Garrison Keillor's Good Poems for Hard Times and decided to work with a Raymond Carver poem, The Best Time of the Day (not actually in that book by the way).

Photo credit: Vitodens
The Best Time of the Day
by Raymond Carver (revised by me)Warm summer mornings. Windows open. Hoses sprinkling. Fruit in the trees. And your freedom on my shoulder. These are the happiest moments in the day.

Next to the early afternoon hours, of course. And the time just before grilling. And the eventide, and the late at night hours. But I do love

these summer mornings. Even more, I think, than those other seasons. The day just beginning now. And no schedule to restrain us till autumn.