100 Photos: Outtakes

Sorry for the big psych but I do not have a real fifth Polaroid to share with you this morning. My weekend started off great: I met PLuv for drinks at one of our favorite local restaurants and on Saturday, I had a productive day and a fun evening with my family. But yesterday, I woke up with a fever and my weekend came to a screeching halt on the most sunny day in recent memory.

I tried to take a few Polaroids for my project this morning but a) my head is cloudy from being sick and b) the cloud sky is cloudy (see I told you about my head) and so my idea to show you the signs of spring around my house flopped and failed miserably.

The Noodle climbed "his tree" in our backyard yesterday (which bloomed while we were in Tahoe) and plucked those yellow pretties for me. Aren't they are so cheerful? You would never know from the Polaroid I tried to take. And that dark, grainy mess above those balls of sunshine is another sign of spring that popped up on the side of my driveway recently. Until I went out with a pair of common scissors and hacked it off to bring inside! Aren't I awful?

Anyway, I do have some good things planned for my blog this week including a dreamy photographer to share tomorrow, a wonderful interview with a fiber artist on Wednesday and on Thursday, it will be my turn to post for Blog It Forward! Blog It Forward is going to knock our blogging socks off, I know it!