Back in Business

This weekend I hope to do some catching up. Four-day weekends are fun and all, but they leave me rather behind on the everyday things like housework, paperwork, cooking, and the general organizing that a family seems to need to keep functioning. Not to mention, there is a collection happening right next door for the school rummage sale and I'm definitely in the mood to do some purging. Also there has been a lot of Valentine makings going on around here lately, and now I'm in the mood to do some crafting.

But mostly I plan to catch up with my camera because I finally have a new pack of film!

To kick off my hopefully productive weekend, I'm meeting a friend for a cocktail this evening so we can catch up with each other. I can already tell that my plans for the weekend are unrealistic because we have a non-local birthday party tomorrow, plus I have some school volunteer projects to do. It's the old too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-to-do-it problem.

What are you doing this weekend?