A New Year's List

Inspired by Clare's post Lists, wonderful lists, I thought I'd share the list I made on January 1st this year.

A New Year's List

1. Get a stainless steel water bottle and use it
2. Use my MOMA membership regularly with Jaden
3. Beach Tuesdays
4. Take a drawing class
5. Buy and use a Canon Rebel training dvd
6. Subscribe to letterpress printer blogs
7. Find a Gocco
8. Make weekly uploads to my Etsy shop
9. Advertise my Etsy shop
10. Create a bookkeeping system for RRD
11. Visit Portland in winter
12. Go to San Diego
13. Take Jaden to Disneyland
14. Update portfolio
15. Buy a case of wine

I have rocked #1 right off the bat with an awesome bottle from REI.

I was driving yesterday and thought to myself as I sipped from it, "I have really, truly bonded with my water bottle." This is huge for anyone who knows me and knows "drink more water" has been my sole resolution since, oh, 1995.

#11 -- done!

As for #8-10: big changes are coming to this part of my life very soon. And RRD stands for Rosina Red Designs but let's just say a lot has changed in my mind since I wrote this list. So don't be too tied to RRD specifically.

#13 is up for heavy debate in the household right now with Jaden's birthday looming on the horizon. So far the vote is 2 against 1, me being the only one who wants to go. Frankly I don't take Jaden's vote too seriously since he's never been to Disneyland. All I know is he said to me just yesterday, "Mama it's nice that you want to take me to Disneyland but I have to tell you something honestly." "What's that baby?" "I would never S-U-R-V-I-V-E the drive to Disneyland!!" Um that dramatic language at the end of the commute = one upset Mama. Maybe I'll just take myself to Disneyland.

#15 -- Jamie, did I miss the 5-cent sale completely by now? I bet I did.

So there's my list. Did you all know that I don't really make lists very often? I think I may have mentioned this a few times. It mystifies me as I'm a Virgo. I think lists should be like oxygen for me. I bet if I could get in the habit of list-making, I'd free up a lot of my brain for other things. Hmm. I feel a personal challenge coming on.