A Yes Kind of Day

I read this article last week in my favorite parenting magazine Wondertime about a mom who decided to say yes for a whole week and see what would happen.

I wouldn't go so far as to say yes to skipping school like this mom did, but she said yes to endless tv and her kid survived so I'm trying it today. More tv is something I am constantly saying no to because I'm so afraid the kid is going to turn into a senseless blob of a being, a typical tv kid, ick.

Anyway, school is closed today and I had no idea how Jaden and I were going to get through 11 hours together without constant strife until it hit me -- have a crazy Yes Day.

Status report: Jaden has far exceeded the article mom's max of 3:45 of tv (that's how long till her kid felt full). Jaden has now been watching tv for almost 4.5 hours straight. I don't think he can quite believe it himself, I am even letting him watch Caillou again after an 8-month hiatus. I figured I'd really go with the spirit of my Yes Day and allow whiney Caillou back into our house for one special, magical day.

Around noon'ish, I did try to get us out to the library so y'all don't think I've totally slacked on my goals, aspirations and dreams as a good mom. I even said YES we can eat lunch at the library cafe for once! Woohoo! We can stay as long as you want and YES you can skip nap too! YES we can return the Toy Story 2 book (that I promised the librarian last week that I returned months ago and most certainly and obviously did not since I found it this morning on Jeff's nightstand) and then check it out again right away!

Alas, Jaden found it more important to argue with me over a piece of Scotch tape and I lost my will to push on. I had grown critically hungry by then and didn't have the heart to say YES, take it on and off my foot according to your strange and complicated laws of the universe. However, I've now eaten half an avocado and some salami so maybe I'll try again after this special 13th showing of Caillou. After all, we still have 6.5 hours to go in our day!