Labor Day

Yes, I am married to the only person in this country who doesn't know it's Labor Day weekend. Not only that, upon hearing about it this morning, he didn't seem at all interested in finding out if his office is closed. (I am sure it is, we go through this every holiday weekend). Which leads me to believe he thinks Labor Day means he is supposed to actually labor.

What really gets me day in and day out is not the number of hours he puts in at the office, but the number of hours he is gone from home due to the commute. I hate the commute. I can't believe we just signed up for another long commute.

I really had a choice between the old rock and the old cement. The guy was miserable and had a chance to be happy. So duh. But the price is steep. One person is happier and the other continues in the miserable wake of the commute for an unforeseen amount of time. But at least we are not two miserable people now, that was much, much worse. I do realize that.

Can't I dream of a time and place where we are both happy though?