All Clear

My PET scan was totally clear, still in a complete remission.

What a relief!

I feel confident about this remission but a week of waiting for results will play mental games on anyone and this round got me good. I didn't win the mental portion but it doesn't matter.

I hit my low yesterday when I dragged Jaden over there and begged for the results from the girls at the front desk. They denied me and I got to the hallway and crumpled in a heap of tears on the floor. Jaden thought I was crying about Opa and who knows what the little old lady who came out of the office and saw me thought. It must have been a sight, me outside of the oncologist's office crying on the floor with my little boy.

We went outside and sat in the sun and Jaden picked a yellow daisy for me after asking if it was okay to do that. Then he gave it to me and gently touched my face and said, "Mama I love you and I respect you." Which only got me crying more. Then we spent about 15 minutes watching a potato bug groove his way around the sidewalk.

But I digress. My CBC was also all normal, white count was just there at 4 but who cares. Neutrophils are still running low at 1.5 but again, who cares.

My beloved onc. is back to work and it was great to see her. She seemed really happy to see me too and told me at least three times that I look fabulous. Who wouldn't want to hear that?

Three months till my next exam, I haven't gone three months without a CBC in 25 months. This is great!

Also for all the fans out there, I weighed in at 103.7 today! Holy!