While Jeff made a trip to the dump today, Jaden and I went to visit Chris & Clare during their big move. Jamie was there to keep an eye on Rayleen while Jay helped Chris with the really big boy stuff.

Jaden had so much fun talking "baby" with Rayleen, playing Toss The Blue Duckie (she tosses, he dutifully retrieves), going for a long stroller walk and pushing the stroller oh-so-safely for the length of one house, soothing her in her play pen first by turning on her mobile and then by sitting inside with her.

And then came the ultimate babysitting experience for Jaden. Rayleen got hungry. Really hungry. So he got to watch her eat carrots and then! She got to have a bottle and Rayleen's grandma said it would be okay if Jaden helped her steady her bottle. OH was he ever happy. It's one of his little dreams come true. I told him to close his eyes and listen to her drink her bottle, that she makes the cutest little sounds. So he tried it, as you can see.

All in all, it's just too precious for words to watch the two of them interact. Rayleen loved to have someone speak her language and Jaden sure couldn't get enough of her big smile and adorable cheeks.