Big News

Okay my big news (and big excuse for the past week of no posts) is pictured below.

We welcomed Jackson to our family last Tuesday. He is about 10 weeks old and was 14 lbs. at his vet appt. on Thursday. He is a lab/golden retriever mix and we found him on Craigslist. His entire litter was rescued. Or so we think. More on that another time. I have my doubts right now but at the time, I did believe we were adopting a puppy, not buying one (which is an important distinction to me).

Anyway a puppy is a huge, massive, amount of work! OMG. Jeff and I are overwhelmed to say the least. Puppies are WAY harder than babies in our opinion. But he is adorable and when he chases Jaden down Nana's sidewalk while Jaden rides his tricycle, it is one of the sweetest sights I've ever seen.