Blog Crush: Color Me Katie

I am hereby, on the spot, creating a new feature here in my Sweet Eventide. It is called Blog Crush where I will crush on a new-to-me blog.  

Drumroll please...

my first edition of Blog Crush is on Color Me Katie. 


1. She does guerilla art like The Shadow Project. If you read the comments on that post alone, you will realize that this is not unusual for Katie's brain.

2. She gets wet paint on her favorite coat and is she grumpy? No. Does she trash or recycle it? No. She flippin' upcycles it with vintage buttons that her grandpa gave her from her grandma's collection. 

3. She really understands and shares how to live the good life.

I thought I was ready to click "publish post," but I kept browsing her blog first. This is how I am able to tell you that I found a picture she took that reminds me an awful lot of one in my Flickr favorites. Even though it's not Katie's photo, it's too coincidental. It's more like very mysterious, isn't it?

I'm off to put her in my feed reader under "Inspiring." 

Happy Weekend!