Bubblegum Dreams

My Noodle was in his first bike race this weekend and after we went out for lunch. Here is the first scoop of bubblegum ice cream of the season. 

Do you see me there in the spoon?!

I loved bubblegum ice cream as a little girl and I still like it because it's full of delicious surprise treats. Actually, it reminds me of my life this week:

Surprise #1: one of my blogging classmates posted about me on her blog Hettle this morning.

Surprise #2:  Sarah featured me today in her Etsy Treasury These Make Me Smile. Treasuries only stay on Etsy for a limited time, so click quickly. :)

Surprise #3: we are waiting on a job offer to come today. I'm hoping it will be a pleasant surprise, not an unpleasant one like I have dreamed the past two nights.

Surprise #4: I am beginning a new class Unravelling and I am so curious what I will discover about myself in the next eight weeks. I bet there will be some surprises.

Surprise #5: The Noodle is turning six this week. I hope I surprise myself and pull off a worthy celebration for him.