Boxes of Books

Found a new blog that I like (what else is new with me?) and can really relate to this post about books. Apparently the author is on a no-shopping/purging year -- I am just catching up.

"...books saved from college that serve no purpose other than to remind me that once upon a time I read books with big words and discussed those books with other smart people. And I had ideas, lofty ideas that I was passionate about. And I was well rested. All those words have long since left the lexicon of motherhood and have been replaced by words like poop, Target, and a good nights sleep. I actually had to just look up the word lexicon because I wasn’t sure I was using it correctly. Goodbye brain, I have hardly missed you."

Come have a look-see in our garage at all the reminders of how smart and well-rested I used to be too. What is a brain?