This One's For You Dave

At this year's Tour of California Prologue on Sunday, there was a kid area with a rock wall for climbing. Jaden hadn't been since he was two and tried it at REI. Of course, he acted like it's all old hat for him. Right before he got harnessed up, he said to me, "I'm scared but that's okay" and then just marched over for his turn.

"Just planning my route"

Mama and this guy both said, "Do NOT undo the clip."

Mama zooms.

Mama un-zooms.

"I can see the finish line from here!"


P.S. This post is for our buddy Dave, who is the one who introduced me to the concept of rock climbing to the extent that one might climb a mountain so large that one might need to "install" one tiny ass "bed" (cot) into said mountain and sleep (ha ha ha ha ha) in such a "safe" (precarious, suicidal) manner. Now Dave, I feel you are obligated (imho) to delurk and remind me of the official term for this "calm, peaceful" sleeping activity.

Dave, meet Jaden.
Jaden, you seem to already know Dave.