Bring On The Tums

My dog has cancer.

There, I said it out loud.

Of course, they call it a mast cell tumor (MCT). But let's face it, it's cancer plain & simple.

Today we met with her oncologist. They are testing her blood for circulating mast cells. It's all part of her staging.

Geez, give me some more deja vu action. The big difference between me and Harpo is she got lucky with her first oncologist whereas I didn't find a good one until #4.

Lots of big decisions to make soon (more biopsies, radiation, etc.), but for now, no more car trips until her surgical incision heals. I've been taking her everywhere with me the past week and all that in & out of the car jumping is not a good idea. Even though I was doing my best to lift her 55 lb. self in and out of the car each time.

She is stapled now and we just got home. Warm compresses twice a day, antibiotics and yes, three weeks on Prednisone. See, deja vu! I feel an ulcer forming and growing hourly.