I Did It!

I did my first Sudoku today!

I am as proud as when I got an A in Calculus in college.

I have been checking this phenomenon out for awhile but couldn't even grasp the rules. Last week I saw a book where the rules finally made sense to me.

Today I remembered to find a puzzle online and try (instead of buying a book, see I'm making progress left & right).

It took me a long time but I have a benchmark to test myself against now. It even congratulated me...see:

Congratulations! You solved the Sudoku in 56 minutes, 34 seconds!

Easy puzzles solved: 1
Your average time: 56:34
Your fastest time: 56:34

And I thought only Jeff could do this kind of stuff.

AND best of all, Harpo's buffy coat exam came back negative!
HOORAY for a little bit of good news.