I passed the CBEST.

Surprisingly, my writing score was the lowest of the three sections (which also included reading and math). I would have bet money that math would have been my lowest. I'm actually quite embarrassed by my writing score although I know I did a totally half-assed job and only spent 15 minutes on each essay. So I guess I deserve my half-assed score.

The point is that I passed overall and now as soon as I get my hands on my official report, I'm off to get a substitute teaching permit. I don't have a clue logistically how I will start subbing between Jackson and Jaden and how to arrange for preschool hours, etc.

I just looked up all the elementary schools in Campbell Union School District and wrote down all the start/end times. I have learned that 4th and 5th grade often gets out at a different time from K-3 and every school in the district has a minimum day on Wednesdays.

So now I wonder if I can choose which schools to sub at, of course I probably can but that might limit how often I can go sub. If I'm open to each elementary, then I might be able to work out a fairly structured schedule. How to mesh that with Jaden's preschool is another story. They have a part day schedule which requires pick up by 2:45 p.m. but I think I'd be stressed out trying to get there even from a school that gets out at 2 p.m. I have no idea how long I will have to stay after.

Or I can sign him up for three full days and then pick him up after school and ask his school when a good time is because I wouldn't leave him there until dinner. But I wouldn't want to interrupt their afternoon routine much.

I'm just thinking out loud. If anyone knows the answers, please feel free to comment.

In any case, it's exciting to know that soon I will be contributing financially to the family. Between this and starting my errands service, there is some hope we will be able to move into something else (probably a bigger townhouse).