Ho Hum

Today Jaden woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I never fell asleep on the right side of the bed. Between the two of us, there is more than enough angst to fill a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.

The dog is digging, digging, digging an enormous hole under my garden bench. In one hour, he pee'd three times inside and twice outside. He jumped up on my dining table and swiped Jaden's milk cup and sat lapping it up like he was a cat. If only he was a cat, I might have some sanity left. Of course, this happened at the exact moment that Jaden finished in the bathroom and needed my help.

Jaden has cried over his Halloween candy twice so far today. Once on the way to school when he really couldn't believe I said no. I was planning to say yes but then he only ate two bites of toast and one bite of oatmeal. I figured morning was actually the perfect time to let him have his candy. He usually eats a huge breakfast and then school can deal with his sugar high, not me.

The second time was just now before nap. He chewed one bit of apple for at least 7 minutes and then told me, "I can't swallow it Mama." I'm like, right, I bet you could swallow a piece of chocolate though. So he spit out his apple in the garbage and went to nap crying his head off about how angry he is with me.

So I'm sitting here eating a KitKat in a rather vengeful, spiteful, secret way in the office. I'm wondering how on earth I can quit my job. Because from 11:30 to 1 p.m. now is the longest, most challening and miserable 90 minutes of my life every day. I've been sick for a week, my nose is raw despite my devotional use of Kleenex Cold Crap Care with Crap Lotion and I could sleep all day if only anyone would let me!