City of Good Pricing

On Friday, the City of San Carlos released its Spring/Summer catalog which I eagerly devoured as soon as I could. I have been under enormous pressure since I realized about six weeks ago that Jaden's preschool ended in June and we'd have to find childcare (aka summer camp) for him so I can continue to work part-time.

Registration opened today and by 11 a.m. when Jaden and I arrived via bicycle, we got the last spot in the morning camp. Phew! Here's one pile of bricks now removed from my shoulders.

(C) Lotus Head

Let's examine the price differences we faced:

8 weeks of summer camp at the PJCC: $2225
8 weeks of summer camp in San Carlos: $756

Holy Savings Batman!

Granted, the PJCC price includes an additional 10 hours per week of coverage so we must make some allowance for that; however, I do not work 30 hours per week so the idea of having to pay for it regardless was, well, hello high blood pressure.

Now we have a huge financial burden about to be lifted and a more improved schedule in which Jaden is free in the afternoons for playdates with his buddies in San Jose or fun classes or swimming and days at the beach with me! Not to mention, Jeff can do a drop-off here or there for me, something I have missed SO much since we moved up here.

San Carlos: The City of Good Living AND Good Pricing!