The City of Good Pricing

(C) Lotus Head

On Friday, the City of San Carlos released its Spring/Summer catalog which I eagerly devoured as soon as I could. You see, our fair city's motto is "The City of Good Living" but I want to say that it's also The City of Good Pricing.
Registration opened today and by 11 a.m. when Jaden and I arrived via bicycle, we got the last spot in the morning camp. Phew!
Let's just share the price differences we faced:
8 weeks of summer camp at the PJCC: $2225
8 weeks of summer camp in San Carlos: $756
Holy Savings* Batman!
*the PJCC price includes an additional 10 hours per week of coverage so make some allowance for that mentally; it is still an enormous difference to us and we did not need 30 hours a week of coverage