Daily Affirmations

For months now, Jeff and Jaden have been taking the advice of Dr. Cree, our chiropractor, and doing a daily affirmation. Every single morning, they take their vitamins and say out loud to each other, "I love myself. I love my family. And I'm going to have a great day."

Jeff does a really good job with this but no one can top Jaden's pure enthusiasm and zest for life when he says the last part. He practically sings the word "great" at the top of his lungs and that's because he truly means it. When you're three, every day is really great. There are endless possibilities for greatness.

I cannot even bring myself to think these thoughts during my day, much less first thing in the morning. Every time I hear them say their affirmation, I think, "I'm okay. I do love my family. And today is going to be another long, tiring day."

On one of my really "great" days, I think, "Today is a new day."