Halloween on My Mind

All this week, Jaden has been talking about Halloween. Every time, of course, he is going to be something different. And every time, I tell him Halloween is more than 10 months away and he asks me, "is that a long time mama?" and I say yes. And then he says something like, "but two minutes is not a long time." I guess his mind is really working on time right now.

So anyway he was into Batman for a couple of these conversations and wanted stories about Jaden being Batman. Then yesterday morning, he tells me on the way to school, "This Halloween, I want to be a criminal."

Luckily when you are driving a car, your kid can't really see your face, or he'd have seen my jaw hit the brake pedal.

Apparently I was speechless for awhile because he said, "Mama, are you listening to me? I said I want to be a criminal for Halloween."

I said, "oh yes, I was listening." I took a deep breath and mustered up my most supportive mama energy. "What kind of criminal do you think you want to be?"

Jaden replied, "I think I want to be a fieth."

"Oh, a thief. Hmm. Well what do you think a thief looks like?"

"I don't know. I've never seen a fieth."

(Well gee, thank the universe for small miracles.)

And then, you know, the day goes on and by 5:30 p.m. he was ready to be a tiger. Ah, yes, beautiful, a tiger. ROAR. Now that I can handle.