Differing No Cry Sleep Solutions

My husband slept in Jaden's bed
two nights in a row in the latest endeavor to get me some sleep. (Oh Ambien, why aren't you approved for long-term use?)

This was no minor favor considering my husband's size (6'2") and the size of Jaden's bed (a twin, with a mattress in three pieces -- on *purpose* -- and a footboard). The poor guy does this for me and I wake up at 4 a.m. the first night and 5 a.m. the second from a migraine. Nice. Still it was fabulous to fall asleep with the covers just right, just the way I like them.

By the way, I like the covers to be even and I get teased mercilessly about this. I mean, Jeff gets in bed, flops his half of our down comforter to the middle of the bed, which in a queen with a guy who is 6'2" means MY side of the bed. So I have the weight of two down comforters and even for a Chilly Nilly like me, that is too much even in winter. Plus it just feels so, well, off-balance for Pete's sake!

Then as the night progresses, either the comforter continually falls down my side of the bed to the floor such that I am in a twilight sleep as I desperately cling on to what is left of my covers OR as my husband flops around causing oceanic shifts below, the blanket gets more and more twisted until it's a gigantic ball of wadded up feathers in the middle (see definition above) of the bed.

OR, (yes, another or) Jeff "arranges" (see above) the comforter in the middle. Then Jaden comes in and in what's left of MY middle, he likes to have his legs out on TOP of the blankets but still have the covers in position at the head of the bed. So I scoot down as far as humanly possible near the violent, energetic feet of my three-year-old and try to sleep in this ridiculous position.

THOSE, my friends, are the really, really bad nights ON Ambien so you can imagine what they are like without it!

And tell me, what is so wrong with wanting to sleep in a bed with one layer of evenly distributed blankets all night long?!!!

I admit, it's abnormal that an uneven weight distribution can actually wake me up and spur me to run around all sides of the bed correcting it before I am able to fall back asleep, but come on, I am a Virgo on top of all my other personality issues.

Oh I forgot the differing part. My latest idea (besides our handy dandy Element) is to squeeze a twin bed in next to the queen and I can have my very own bed and still be next to my boys, who I love very much, despite their horrible blanket manners.

I'm not even going to get started on the other "doozy" of a comment I made that my husband blogged about...just know I got a taste of the good life (an 8-5:30 work day) in Portland and I haven't adjusted back to life with a commute yet.