Ana blogged about some finds on Etsy recently and one of her finds has got me drooling.

This carnelian ring is so simple and beautiful but there's more to it than that. My grandma gave me a ring of hers that my grandfather had bought her, it was a garnet solitaire set in gold. It was her birthstone and extremely sentimental.

And I lost it during college during one of many moves. It haunts me to this day that I lost something so precious. It's not that it was a fancy stone or extremely expensive. But he's gone and then it was gone and now she's gone.

She was a gold kind of gal and I'm a silver kind of gal so if I still had it, I would have had it re-set by now into white gold (methinks platinum would have been a tad excessive in this case).

Anyway this picture just reminds me of it.

Nonna, mi dispiace e mi manchi.