Hello Asthma Attack

Tonight, 45 minutes before we were to sign our lease and pick up our new house keys, I was struck by an asthma attack. I've never had asthma before, but I assume that's what I experienced.

I have allergies and have an inhaler for the dry cough I get sometimes from that. I did not have an inhaler with me, but I did have two dependents: Jaden and Jackson. The fires going on around here have made our air thick with smoke and the sun hazy as can be.

Honestly I am trying not to be dramatic but it was really terrifying to have Jaden and the dog under my responsibility and totally unable to breathe. I have wheezed plenty in my life with a dry cough, but I never wheezed like that. I couldn't speak or breathe, I just used everything I could to dial Jeff on my cell and toss it to Jaden in the back seat. Unfortunately Jaden couldn't tell Jeff where we were, only yell "It's an emergency! Mama can't breathe." I was trying to choke out "Sequoia High School" but Jeff was yelling back, "It's huge, where at Sequoia?"

I was getting so scared that I just decided to drive. (It struck me right outside the car after I had tried to run Jackson to tire him out. Somehow I got us all in the car and buckled and that was before even calling Jeff). Poor Jeff. What he must have been thinking as I choked out, "I'm just going to drive, I'll be okay" and hung up on him.

Anyway. Long story. Got to Renkoo parking lot and sent my 4 y.o. unattended through the parking lot, down the hall and into the office to get Jeff. I managed to get in the hallway and collapsed on the stairs. Started crying pretty much. My lungs were spasming at a slower rate.

Eventually we made it to the appointment to sign the lease. What a handful of a family we were -- the anxious dog, my over-tired, over-hungry child, my heaving self and Jeff who had been dealing with melting servers all day long. In the middle of all that, I went to Walgreen's and had my inhaler Rx transferred and filled. We picked it up on the way home. It helped very little. The hot steamy shower helped a lot -- while I was in it. Now I am sititng very still, typing very fast and not talking. Talking = Lung Spasms = Bad.

Google'd "coughing asthma henry coe fire san jose" and got this KRON article titled: "Health Advisory Issued Due to High Level of Pollutants."



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