Engineers, Big and Small

Yesterday I found out my husband is a cutting edge engineer. I think maybe only two weeks ago I learned the term Web 2.0 and then come to find out my husband is a Web 2.0 engineer. He is so modest too, you should have seen the look on his face when I asked him about it. "Well I have done some new stuff in the past six months."

Yesterday I found out my son is going to be just like DaDa in more ways than one. They were sitting on the couch trying to watch movie trailers from Apple's site on Jeff's new MacBook. It was taking longer than a millisecond (Jaden's maximum waiting time) and he says impatiently, "It's not downloading!"

Okay so he takes after both of us. Recently I complained to my IT dept. (aka Jeff) that something was wrong with my iMac because it was taking forever to let me log in. So he does his razamataz magic on the computer and tells me to give it another try. It was as slow as usual. I said "See that little rainbow wheel is going and going again!" He snorted on his way out of the room and said "When they make a computer that works INSTANTLY, I'll let you know." Apparently it takes SOME time for the computer to wake up.