Yesterday, as I was driving to our friend's house for a playdate, Jaden taught me how to simplify my life.

Our friend lives in Los Gatos, in a lovely, single-family home, and we live on the outskirts of Willow Glen, in a cramped townhouse. It takes about 20 minutes to get to her house.

About 2/3 of the way there, this is the conversation we had:

Jaden: "I wish we lived closer to Jack's house so we don't have to drive for so long to get there."

Me: "I wish we lived closer too. I like Los Gatos and would love to live there. But it costs a lot more money to live there so Mommy would have to work away from home as much as Daddy does."

Jaden: "A forklift would help because it's really heavy."

Me: "What's really heavy?"

Jaden: "Our house, so we would need a forklift to move close to Jack."

I just love the way his brain works. Who needs a Bay Area double income to move to a better neighborhood? Let's get back to basics and just move our current home to the new location. Awesome!