Field Trip: Astoria

This weekend, two little dreams came true: I went on a field trip to Astoria and I got to ride in a Mini Cooper. My mother-in-law Betty arrived from CA Friday night and was game to go exploring on Saturday with me. She rented the car and we had a super fun day! I hope you enjoy these photos of a pretty store's outdoor display and all the old signage that can be seen in historic Astoria, Oregon. turquoise metal patio table two chairs retail styling astoria oregon

jc penny co sign astoria oregon

Abe Co. sign Astoria Oregon

old sign circa 1930 Astoria Oregon The House of Choice Meats and Service

I will have more photos to share so I'll post those on Wednesday. I hope you'll return to see the rest. Have you ever been to Astoria? It really reminded me of San Francisco.