Field Trip: Astoria, Part Two

I mentioned on Monday that Astoria reminded me of San Francisco. The day was clear, sunny and crisp with a gusty bay breeze. There were hilly streets with historic Victorian homes and a thriving art scene. I was camera happy all day between the rainbow painted utility meters to the garbage cans with vintage typography and the bridge, oh the bridge! Enjoy more of my Astoria photographs! colorful utility meters astoria oregon

rainbow painted utility meters astoria oregon

vintage typography royal chinook salmon astoria oregon garbage can

astoria bridge underside oregon

columbia river astoria oregon sunset photograph

Tell me, are you about to book a vacation to Astoria now?

P.S. While I was editing the very last photo in this post, I though there was a lot of dust in it.

As I zoomed in, I realized every "speck of dust" was a bird in flight! Cool! :-)