Fresh Starts

Good morning! 

How was your weekend? Mine was very restful, if a bit chilly. We visited my in-laws and had lots of good food & good wine. I took the time to read several magazines. We ended our weekend with a wonderful BBQ with many good friends. 

a garden hydrangea

Today is full of fresh starts:

Right now I am blogging on my new superfast 15" Macbook Pro from a new chair that doesn't cause lower back pain in 15 seconds! This is dreamy. I have Mail, iPhoto and Safari open all at once and my computer is not frozen like an Arctic tundra.

I am also changing the way I manage my email starting today, inspired by Mistretta (I name all my computers after Italian towns). I normally keep every single email sent or received. But I am going to try to stop that because it's based on a fear that I will have to prove something to someone someday. Every once in awhile I do get that satisfaction of proving a point. But at what cost? I know it's "virtual clutter" but I want to make way for more interesting things. So some of the email has got to go!

Finally, my darling IT Dept. is starting his new job today. His morning hasn't been as smooth as mine unfortunately, but I am hopeful his day will improve. Although he has worked for this company before, it's a fresh start for him -- there are some new people, definitely some new tasks and even a new building. 

I wish everyone a day full of fresh starts or at least, a fresh cup of coffee. :)