Friday Poems: Where I'm From

Today's post comes to us via this awesome blog Writers in the Schools. They aim to engage children in the "pleasure and power of reading and writing."The blog features work by K-12 kids in their program. Incredible!

Where I'm From
by Maria, 3rd grade

I am from the beach in Acapulco
that smells so fresh,
from the ice cream that melts
in the hot, hot sun,
the waves that come and go,
from the sand that people use
to build sandcastles at sunset.

I am from the food cooking
in the warm kitchen,
the barking that my dog does
when he is hungry,
from the cup of water that I drink.

I am from the bread I like to smell,
from the voices of people trying
to talk to each other,
and the bread coming out of the oven.
I'm from my Mom who I touch
so that I will not get lost.

Oh my goodness! I'm squealing with delight over this poem! It was posted just this very morning too. Let's all go leave Maria a comment on her poem! Plus then you can see the photo they posted with her poem...