Friday Poems


I am very alone right now
This moment has me by myself
If I were feeling healthier
I would play my guitar
And make up songs
To sing for life
All the air would hear
As the same way
Birds sing in the morning
Only now I understand
Them more because
I am now likened unto them
And their song
Sings to my heart
With a new meaning of life
Yet I have always loved them
Perhaps this moment inside me
Always knew it would come to pass
Maybe in your life
There are moments waiting
Such as this one was in mine
Also I guess I'll never want to die
As long as there are moments waiting
How about you?

I guess he ran out of moments.
Because he sure seemed to want to die as far as I could tell.

Or maybe I still don't understand much about anything at all and what I still see, ten years later, is him giving up on life when to him it was probably the acceptance of death.