The Twins

Ella came to sleep over at Nana's for her first time on Friday and Jaden joined the party as soon as humanly possible. There was backyard swimming, an impromptu birthday party for the "twins" and a dinner party (all of this on Friday). The "twins" proceeded to celebrate several ages as they turned 6, 9, 11 and 12 all in the course of 48 hours and changed names two or three times too.

There was a date for Jaden's weary parents involving a lovely bottle of wine at a local restaurant, lost sleep for Nana, a fight or two, a trip to the beach and a visit to Oma's before it was finally time to say goodbye. This time with Ella was the happiest I've seen Jaden in about a month.

Hugging goodbye

I think it's true love.

Thanks for the visit Ella!
Come back again sooner than soon.