Friday Poems: Absence of Fear

Tonight, for this week's Friday Poems, I'd like to share the lyrics to an old Jewel song from her 1998 Spirit album. This song has always made me stop and pause when I hear it. 

By the way, I've been a Jewel fan for a very long time but check out this story on her site, I've never read this level of detail about her family history before. Don't miss the absolutely stunning black & white photograph!

Absence of Fear
by Jewel*

Inside my skin there is this space
It twists and turns
It bleeds and aches
Inside my heart there's an empty room
It's waiting for lightning
It's waiting for you
And I am wanting
And I am needing you here
Inside the absence of fear
Muscle and sinew
Velvet and stone
This vessel is haunted
It creaks and moans
My bones call to you
In their separate skin
I make myself translucent
To let you in, for
I am wanting
And I am needing of you here
Inside the absence of fear
There is this hunger
This restlessness inside of me
and it knows that you're no stranger
you're my gravity
My hands will adore you through all darkness aim
They will lay you out in moonlight
And reinvent your name
For I am wanting you
And I am needing you here
I need you near
Inside the absence of fear

During different times in my life, the "you" in this song has referred to different things. The latest reference is to my creative spirit, which is compelling me forward on a path with an unknown destination, but follow it I must! 

Is there a song that you go back to over and over and it represents something new each time?

You can watch Jewel sing an early version of this song and follow her on Twitter.