Heads Up: Etsy Day

When I launched Sweet Eventide last month, I began checking out the seller's forums on Etsy. The timing was fortuitous as SchuGirl had started a conversation with everyone about having an Etsy Day.

Well, after lots of input and cooperation a day was chosen and it's coming tomorrow! 

Print out a car sign and help spread the word! Lots of people online have heard about Etsy but if you ask around the grocery store, you'll still get a lot of blank looks.

I am going to spend this day getting crafty about how I am going to participate in Etsy Day. You can follow along on their Facebook page or their Twitter feed and you can take photos of any guerilla marketing you see and upload them to Flickr with the tag, "Etsy Day 2009."

Rumor has it, there will be a special deal announced on my shop's Facebook page tomorrow morning. 

I asked my darling husband if he'd wear orange tomorrow for me and his only concern was, "Do I have anything orange?" Hmm...sounds like a mission if I've ever heard one!