I spent some time today re-reading our SPD (summary plan description) for our FSA for about the tenth time.

But persistence surely pays because for the first time, I noticed this little dandy in Section V, Article 1:

"During the course of the Plan Year, you may submit requests for reimbursement of expenses you have incurred. Expenses are considered "incurred" when the service is performed, not necessarily when it is paid for."


And I confirmed this wee little happy sentence with our FSA plan administrator this afternoon!

Finally, Jess catches a break. All this time, I thought I had to incur the expense PLUS pay it within the plan year. Which was not happening as much as you might think since we're always playing catch up with the medical bills.

But Merry Christmas to me because now I can easily, with one fell swoop, max out the remaining $800 in our FSA for this plan year. I just send in one of my jolly Good Sam bills that I won't be paying for a long time and I get to reap the benefits that we've paid for all year. HOORAY.

I'm feeling green like the electrical cords running lights up my oak tree outside, lifting my holiday spirit up to the branches towards the North Pole.