Hello There!

Welcome to Sweet Eventide.

My name is Jessica Nichols and Sweet Eventide is where I share my photography, musings and other beautiful things that inspire me. I am a proud, four-time survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I turned 40 this September and I'm loving it! I'm surrounded by my boys: a little one that I call The Noodle, a grown one that I call Mister Blue Eyes, and a furry one that I call Bubba (but his given name is Jackson). 

As for the name of this space?

sweet: adj. -- pleasing or agreeable; delightful. amiable; kind or gracious, as a person, action, etc. dear; beloved; precious. not rancid or stale; fresh; me.

eventide: noun -- the period of time between afternoon and evening; dusk; my favorite time of day.