Just start

Various people have been telling me for so long that I should do a blog. I was an English major in college and I do remotely recall having some writing ability back then. For the past eight years, it has only been unleashed in email form and pity the recipient of my late-night ramblings when I can't sleep and have too much on my mind.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer six years ago, I have had a strong desire to write a book, if only for my own sake, to record the craziness that became my life. But you know, when you have cancer, you feel sick and tired, and honestly my book just gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. So now here we are six years later and I'm starting a blog instead. Maybe after a year of posts, I'll just hit "print" and take it down to Kinko's and have it bound. Then I can cross it off my list!

Well we are experimenting with naps at our house with our three-year-old son and today's experiment was a one-hour nap.

I am now 17 minutes late in waking up my boy.

I'll share my to-do list for today and then head off.

* wake up Jaden after one hour
* finish three more loads of laundry (already done three loads)
* finish cleaning up backyard from last weekend's birthday party
* write thank you's for aforementioned birthday party
* finish Mother's Day cards (better late than never)
* grocery store
* enter receipts
* get two new movies

Okay my list is way, way longer than that but I'm late and trying to be polite for my introduction.


P.S. I am now officially 20 minutes late to wake Jaden.