It's 1:42 p.m.

I am going pretty much insane. This sucks. I wanted to have a fun day with Jaden but I underestimated my state of mind. I am edgy. All I want to do is stuff I cannot do alone or cannot do today. Here's my list:

1. Install Jaden's cubby rack
2. Install Jaden's book rack.
3. Clean out hall closet
4. Get rid of large junk and boxes.
5. Purge stuff in the garage.
6. Install the bike rack in the garage.
7. Assemble Jeff's garage shelving.
8. Finish the laundry.
9. Hang the guitars.
10. Install the shelf over my desk.
11. Enter 100 million receipts into Quicken.
12. Get my chocolate pedicure.
13. Return IKEA stuff.
14. Exchange PBK start picture hanger.
15. Be at Jamie & Jay's again.
16. Be with my husband.
17. Be healthy.

Okay now I'm even more depressed than I was 4 minutes ago.