Hi loyal readers (ha ha, I like to imagine I have a wider audience than I actually have)!

I am AAK -- Alive And Kicking. This is a special phrase we use over at my Stop NHL board. Some of us have been posting over there for 7+ years so we like to check in once in awhile and let each other know we are AAK.

I am pretty amazed at my mental state compared to the days prior to the surgery. I feel practically giddy that Dr. L was able to do the biopsy laporoscopically and I got to go home that day.

It is great to be in my cute little house. I love love my little house. On Sunday, Betty helped me hang a few pictures and on Tuesday night I put my hyper nervous energy to good use and tackled the linen closet. The linen closet had been a nightmare from day one. I think I was so excited to have a REAL linen closet with deep shelves and a door (unlike Felix's "supposed" linen closet) that I just threw every odd item in there.

Betty said it was like the closet on the old Fibber McGee radio show which I had never heard of in my life. Then the night I got home from surgery, Jeff and I were watching News Radio and they totally referenced not only that show, but that episode about the closet!


Anyway I went to Walgreens at 10:30 p.m. on that rainy night in my pj's and went bin crazy! I love bins and trust me, I didn't hold back. I got a triple play going on the top shelf of the linen closet and as soon I get up again to hobble over there, I'll take a picture and post it. I also got one very large bin to hold my seasonal bedding (I use one set for spring/summer and a different set for fall/winter). Lastly, I got two medium bins to hold seasonal clothing for me and Jaden.

So do you notice I am not even complaining about the pain or the Vicodin that I'm allergic too or the fact that I was up all night and slept about 20 minutes on every hour or that they must have done something to my bladder because it seems to hold only one nano-liter at a time now. Nope, not complaining there either, just reporting the facts ma'am.

I am just so happy that I am AAK and I didn't die in surgery. Seriously, I was that afraid of general anesthesia. I know I've told most of you that I was all over the doctors' cases before they put me under. I said, "Have you guys been working too many hours, are you too tired? Are you in a bad mood?" and "I don't want any of you talking negatively about me while I'm asleep. I can hear you subconsciously and I won't have it!" They handled it well I think, the attack from their little 95 lb. Sicilian patient grilling them about how they were planning to intubate me.

Oh and the flowers and soup galore! Everyone has made me feel so loved, it is just amazing me. Thank you everyone for all the calls, the cards, the ADORABLE drawings from your kids, the emails, the posts, the thoughts & prayers, the soup, the gorgeous bouquets and most of all the love that comes through and heals me.

Okay I'm rambling. Watch out. I've been busted already for making Jaden's bed yesterday and as soon as Jeff gets home from dropping Jaden at preschool, I'm gonna get busted again. Hopefully he's in too much of a rush to notice I made our bed too. UH OH!!!