Meet My Robinson

Jeff had to work a lot this weekend and after a mid-day birthday celebration for his dad up in Danville, we headed home. On the way I thought hey, I'll take the kid to see this new movie and give Jeff a solid block of time to code his little heart out.

After a minor snafu (our movie time was sold out so we decided to wait around the 1:40 minutes to see the next showing which was the 3D version), we had a grand old time. We had popcorn and yucky movie hotdogs and bargain peanut butter M&Ms that I got at the mall Target during that long, long waiting time.

Lots of people, including me, got a huge kick out of Jaden wearing his 3D glasses after the movie. He was making me laugh so much that I stopped and got a few pictures of him re-enacting the movie.

And then, the grand finale.