Monday Morning

Not enough sleep last night and a late start to the day, I woke up and realized all I had to do this day with my tired brain and body. Here's my list.

8 loads of laundry waiting to be done
return library materials (about 15 books, 2 movies and some cds)
lots of preschool stuff to get done
grocery shopping

The laundry is as follows: 2 for Jaden, 2 for house -- towels & sheets, 4 for us -- blacks, normal colors, whites, Jeff's socks. I know I could combine some of my laundry into bigger and fewer loads but honestly I find it harder to complete the laundry cycle when I have to fold a huge pile of whatever (particularly Jaden's clothes). So I break it down. And Jeff's socks are special so they get to go on the handwash cycle and delicate light dry cycle. Easier to separate them, those high maintenance fellows.

The preschool stuff: prepare for our parent/teacher conference on Friday, fulfill his teacher's request for a baby picture for an activity she's doing this week, and book orders due tomorrow and I haven't ordered in a long while.

I also have to work which I couldn't do this morning because Jaden missed 2/3 of preschool time. So gotta do that during nap instead of napping myself.

And it's National TV-Turnoff Week so that is going to be a huge family struggle too. (I think it should be "TV Turn-Off Week" by the way).

Well I did check one thing off my list today: disappoint a really nice person. Gee. I feel so accomplished.