Today was Jaden's inaugural visit to SF MOMA. On the drive up to San Francisco, he was clearly unsure about the whole thing. "I thought we were going to an aminal musuem" (love his scarce few mispronunciations left). "Is there going to be art for kids to look at?"

Once we got inside and conquered the very kid-UNfriendly menu, we sat down and munched on a panini. Jaden had a great view of 3rd Street and lots of things going on like ambulances and a tow truck taking a motorcycle away. Then he led me on a tour of the museum.

He knew instinctively what to do and would walk into an exhibit and be drawn instantly to one piece or another. He mostly kept his hands in his pockets after an early scare in the Caffe Museo where he ran to "test" whether a large piece of art was canvas or glass. Holy 8-thousand bucks later, I didn't have to remind him too much not to touch.

He kept wanting to go up up up to the top and the 5th floor held the fascinating work of Martin Puryear. Jaden had one and a million interpretations of every piece and darned if I wanted to take a picture of each one so I could remember what he called each one. But no photos allowed on that floor. Never fear, there were plenty of pictures and you can see them all in a new set I created because I plan to have a lot more SF fun with him in the near future.

On the way out, we stopped at the Museum Store. Jaden was tired, and they were showing an old film on a blank wall which captivated both of us instantly. So without thinking too much, I gleefully said, "Yes!" when Jaden asked me to buy it. It's a rare thing for me to experience that with him, so much no no no all the time. After a brutal drive home in traffic, we picked up Jeff and went home and all watched it together.

What a lovely end to a lovely day!