Quirky Tag

Jamie tagged me and it is my first time being tagged on a blog so here goes.

Six Quirky Things About Me

1. I don't have a middle name so I've spent my life giving myself different ones including Emily, Rebecca, Erin, Lauren, and Keiko (during a Japanese phase of life). Then I found out my grandma Rose's given name was actually Rosina, and I knew I couldn't find a more perfect name than that so the naming business ended in 1999.

2. I love crummy kid cereal including Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, Sugar Smacks, etc. I will not do Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles though, they annoy me and always have.

3. If my blanket is not evenly distributed on my bed, it will wake me up. So often in the night you will find me dashing around adjusting the blankets and then hopping back in bed. I dash so as not to lose my sleepy spirit. It doesn't often work out.

4. I love the "boing" sound that TiVo makes when you've gone as far in a menu as you can. So Jeff will have to listen to me play my "instrument" (the remote) for my own amusement. But I do it in a certain pattern:

boing boing!!
boing boing boing!!!

and if I'm feeling especially inspired,

boing boing boing boing!!!!

5. I alphabetize my receipts which do not include what I call perishables (groceries, eating out, or fuel). I also save way too much email. I have 18,602 sent emails alone in just one of my seven email accounts. YUCK. GAG ME. Email Whore that I am!

6. I do not know how to back up my computer by myself and therefore all of my prized photos do not get backed up regularly. This from the woman who saves emails and receipts like her life depends on it. Talk about quirky!

Okay this game of tag makes me feel more OCD than quirky. I'll spare everyone pictures of my receipt files and perfectly balanced blanket distribution. However, someday I may treat you all to an audio file of my Tivo Tunes.