My Morbid Child

This morning was Jaden's first field trip, his whole group plus teachers and lots of parents made the trek across Bascom Avenue to Le Bou (as Betty always calls it). We all held hands and Andrea ordered a loaf of fresh white bread to be sliced for the kids to try. We sat around a fountain so they could eat their bread, then joined in a circle and sang a song before walking back to school.

Upon our safe return, we again got in circle formation (or the kids did) and Andrea asked each child what they liked best about their trip to the bakery. Child after child said "the warm bread!" with much gusto and enthusiasm.

And then. Jaden's turn came.

"What did you like best Jaden?"

"I thought we were going to a graveyard but we didn't."

Silence. All parents look my way. I shrug helplessly.

Ellen says, "Really? A graveyard?"

"Yes, Andrea said we were going to a graveyard."

Andrea says "Hmmm. That's interesting. I think I said bakery."

Bless their hearts, they (Andrea and Ellen are so supportive of every unique child in their care) say "You look disappointed. Are you disappointed?"


"We'd really like to hear more about this later Jaden."

Um Yeah.

Me too!