Awhile ago, maybe five or six weeks, I bought new magnet letters for Jaden. Being the brilliant boy that he is, he discovered that they work on our front door. Inspired by this location, I began leaving a special word up each night for him to see in the morning with Daddy at breakfast.

I've been frustrated more than once by the lack of letters too, it really limits my spelling options. I just keep forgetting to go buy a second set of letters.

Last night I put up the word "sleepy" because I stayed up till midnight again (dumb) but when I woke up, this is the word that was on the door:

When Jeff got home from taking Jaden to school, he told me the story.

It's really funny when you know that in our house, I am the finder of everything. Jeff and Jaden can rarely, if ever, find their own items. Granted, they make an effort sometimes, but mostly it's "where is my ______"?

So this morning Jaden wanted some raisins. Jeff said we didn't have any. And Jaden says, "I think we do" and runs to the pantry and starts digging around way in the back. Jeff kept saying, "Jaden I really don't think we have any." And Jaden is rummaging and rummaging on the shelf. Finally he gets the container up front and there is one little box left. AHA!

They decided to leave me the note on the door so I would remember to buy more raisins today. Of course, there are not two "I" letters in our set so Jeff had to do some creative spelling.

Jeff was just cracking up over the whole thing because it was another example of Jaden being a mini-me, like when he walks around shutting open doors (the hallway closet especially). I am constantly shutting cupboards and doors but it's funny how I never notice Jaden doing it too.