The Price of Disorganization

I've been working really hard on the office for the past two days. I'm making progress because I can see my desk now and I made enough room so that I could move the printer to a better position. This will likely save me hours of time as I no longer have to shuffle things around to avoid paper jams as my printouts exit the printer.

As I clean and purge, I am noticing a big trend here. The nightmare that was the office costs us a lot of money . Since my new drawers were born, I have found a rebate for $100 that we never sent in for our fab front-loading washer, a $65 check that Jeff earned working on my uncle's wife's website in 2004, and some gift certificates to Cold Stone that my MIL gave us two Christmases ago.

I know there is another lost rebate here somewhere, for the fax machine I bought for $30 (post-rebate so I don't want to know how much it really cost now that I never did the rebate). This for a machine I bought before testing the phone jack to see if the line worked in the office. (It does not).

I am really tired of this uphill battle that is going on with paper and money. I am 35 now. There is something about this age that is spurring me on towards adulthood finally. I'm not a naive 18 anymore, or even a slow-to-blossom 25. I am 35. I am a blink away from my freaking 20-year high school reunion for Pete's sake.

It is HIGH time I get our life together. I want the office, the mail, the bills, the savings, the purchasing, all that stuff, to be a well-oiled machine. What kind of legacy am I leaving Jaden anyway? Not a good one! Basta!!

I am tired of looking for things for two hours in order to accomplish a two-minute task. I am tired of looking up the same 10 phone numbers on Yahoo Yellow Pages. I am tired of texting to Google when I'm away from the computer for those same 10 numbers too. I am tired of staring at the Rolodex I bought in January and never got around to setting up. Not that I should be setting it up now, it should have been done five years ago.

I'm tired of buying something only to find the original the next day (like the recent double bags of frozen strawberries and frozen peas). There was a close call with a metal putty knife back in February during the bath remodel. I recall finding it just as Jeff was about to drive off to Orchard for another one.

I also recall a tense conversation over it and my point then and now is that it's not the $10 replacement putty knife; it's a much bigger price point than that, this ongoing cluelessness about the stuff we own.

Don't even get me started on the garage -- there are now six bikes, not including Jaden's three! three bikes! are you kidding me or are we a cycling family or what's the deal here?; four wall hooks that continue to go unused while we continue to bump our heads or suck in our last breath so we can walk from one door to another without knocking over this bike or that bike; two bike boxes that never get used, but are way too expensive to replace so must be kept -- and this is just the cycling portion of the garage.

Then there are the missing file labels that I agonized over buying two weeks ago for $22 (where can they possibly be if they are not in the bag with the rest of the file products I bought that day?) Or what about the entire SET of short-handled screwdrivers that I know I used to own & needed the other night during the IKEA assembly production?

And why is my cornstarch on the lazy susan with all my spices instead of with the baking soda, brown sugar, chocolate chips and all the other baking stuff in my pantry?

As Jaden said to me the other day, "I'm fed up!"