My friend Vic and his wife Christina recently moved to Shanghai from Pasadena for two years. Yep, they're ex-pats now and it's quite the life over there apparently. But talk about destiny, within the same time period, their respective companies offered them opportunities in Shanghai only one mile apart (he's an architect and she's management at the Ritz, ritzy eh?).

Since I'm stuck in the U.S. and not doing any foreign travel anytime soon (um I don't even know where my expired passport is), I am happy to be on the recipient list for email pictures. I heard rumors of a photo blog at some point but for now I can share these few glimpses of a land far away and very different from my own.

These are from The Bund and came around my birthday.

And these just came through as I was typing this post,
it's the Opening Ceremonies of the Special Olympics
at Shanghai Stadium.