Slower than Cruising

Yesterday after MBE (Mister Blue Eyes) picked me up from the hospital, he took me to a bike shop that had built up a Trek Calypso cruiser for me to test ride. I had tried this bike awhile back at the beginning of my cruiser search. I really loved it this time and MBE got it for me. What a sweety!

Jaden was so excited when I showed him last night and I promised him we'd go on a ride together today. So we took the Calypso out on her maiden voyage with the red Animator.

So what is slower than cruising?

Well whatever it's called, I just did it.

I was overly ambitious and we tried to go all the way over to Bennett Way, our old street that is a mile away. I said, "Let's go visit the Corns!" But the kid cannot go that far, what was I thinking? And he didn't want to turn around and quit either (where does he get that from? that blind allegiance to an ill-formed goal?)

We went down Bird and up Byerley and I finally convinced him to head back three blocks before our old street.

Went. That implies motion. Let me be more clear:

I had to ration out bites of granola bar to get him to the next corner.

"Come on Jaden, next corner, you get a sip of water."
"Come on Jaden, next corner, you get a bite of granola bar."

Twenty-five times (or so).

One hour and 20 minutes later we are home.


I's called "Stopping."

I felt like one of those evil parent coaches too, every time Jaden said "my legs hurt," I replied with "pedal pedal pedal Jaden, keep those pedals moving."

Next time, I think we'll just stay in our complex and go to the grass down the street.