No Noodle Tonight

My noodle is sleeping over at his Nana's tonight.

It is always great to have a date, but too weird to come home to an empty house. This is his third sleepover I think, where we came home. The other two were for our wedding night and our first anniversary, both of those times we went to a hotel for the night. If I feel this bad on these overnights, how will I ever survive when he's off to college?

Anyway, this afternoon, we built a rad racetrack for his trains. We started it in his room and snaked it all the way down the hall to the living room.

You can see him enjoying a nice cold one after a hard day of train conducting.

I didn't have the heart to take it all down before I brought him over to Nana's and now it is a sad reminder of the noodle being gone.

Does he even know how many times a night I peek into his room to see him sleeping, kiss his cheek (yum) and inhale the fabulous lavendar calming lotion smell that is Jaden and bedtime and routine?

Is it morning yet?